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We are an environmentally conscious, community-minded tour company offering guided safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs and other unique tours in Tanzania. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality customer service and professionalism as well as having real relationships with the locals.

Orege stands for footprint in Swahili. As we share Tanzania’s breathtaking wildlife, scenery, and sights with our guests, we hope to educate, spread awareness and leave a positive footprint on the environment and local community as we go.

We partner with Safari Bookings and are proud to be represented on safaribookings.com.


Orège Safari & Tours was started in 2022 by married couple, Daniel and Olivia, two veterans of the tourism industry and travel enthusiasts. They met climbing Kilimanjaro when Olivia was visiting and Daniel, originally from Tanzania, was her porter. They currently reside and work from the US but maintain their roots in Tanzania. They are excited to share their love of Tanzania, while leaving a lasting impression on their guests and a positive impact on the local communities.


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